Fall Prevention Services

HomeBound Wellness will educate clients in fall prevention by assessing potential risk factors, managing the risk factors identified, and ensuring an effective fall prevention program is in place. 

Our Fall Prevention Specialists

Our Fall Prevention Specialist will investigate what kind of fall the individual is having by observing their movements in their home environment. We will go over a fall prevention accident checklist that considers fall contributors such as: shoes, clothes, hazards, spilled water, clutter, client’s gait, pets inside the home, proper bath mats, etc. HomeBound Wellness can also recommend adaptive equipment and provide contacts for equipment suppliers.

Why Fall Prevention is Important

The senior population has fallen at inpatient care due to feeling overly safe in a medical environment or their call lights not being answered in a timely manner. Many seniors begin using assistive devices, such as canes and walkers, in an effort to feel safer and steadier. However, using these devices with no proper training can actually contribute to falls. Many falls occur even when seniors are supervised due to clients and caregivers forgetting to lock the brakes on their 4 wheeled walkers or wheelchairs. 

A client that has an unanticipated fall might have seizures, delirium, orthostatic hypotension, stroke, or ongoing chronic pain. The focus in these types of falls should be post-fall care, preventing more falls, preventing injuries from falls, and cognitive testing. Then there are anticipated falls. These clients are at risk for falling due to past history of falls, impaired gait, impaired balance, and medication side effects. Then there are accidental Falls . The person trips over their pet , or a slick floor after a fallen ice cube melted , these falls just happen accidentally. These three fall classifications can be decreased by educating any person in the cycle of falls .  

The cycle of falls are: Falling, Fear of falling, less activity, poor whole body strength and endurance, increase in falling . HomeBound Wellness will educate the right wellness plan to prevent falls. There are so many pieces to cover to prevent falls. Here are a couple wellness plans for preventing falls. Take care of your health, Stay active, check if there are any side effects from medication, get sleep, know your environment hazards, wear clothes and shoes that fit with good support, comfortable, non-skid, and practice strength and balance activities.

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