About Homebound Wellness

We keep each client safe at home longer using our personalized preventative services. HomeBound Wellness was founded by Stephanie Brown, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant /L and Fall Prevention Specialist with over 20 years experience in Health & Wellness and the Occupational Therapy  field.

About Medication Management Services

HomeBound Wellness will help you or your loved one avoid potentially harmful medication mistakes by creating a checklist to track if medications were taken at the correct time and in correct dosage. While we do not administer medication (as that is considered a medical service) we can help you improve your understanding of your medications and establish a plan to ensure you are remembering to take them when and how your doctor has prescribed. We can help clients sign up for mailed medications or pre-sorted pill packs if they would like to try these services. HomeBound Wellness will provide safe medication awareness to each client we serve.

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