INTRO: Non-Medical vs Home Health:  

HomeBound Wellness has staff trained in non -medical care to help clients continue safe living in their home as Independent as possible. These clients might have chronic health conditions such as ; COPD , memory loss , poor cognition Arthritis,that limits their condition to complete these ADLs Independently and assists these clients to stay out of hospitals with non med care . Then there is Home Health ordered by the Doctor and Adls are ed to client by trained  personnel, such as nursing for wound care , Physical Therapy to ed in ambulation with use of fww, and Occupational Therapy ed in safe functional Adls like toileting transfers usually after  Discharge from Skilled Nursing Facilities and  the hospital. These Home Health services are regulated by the state.  Please check out our services listed. HomeBound Wellness offers Prevention Awareness as you will see in our service list. We believe here at HomeBound Wellness PREVENTION IS KEY. 

Non-Medical ADLs Services: 

Medication review, self care,  transportation, making appointments, healthcare advocate, adaptive equipment, strengthening, respite, transfers, social enrichment.

These personalized services are available 7 days per week and can be customized to meet individual needs. Our services are a safe solution for clients who want to continue living HomeBound.

If you are interested in a service or resource you do not see listed, please ask. We may be able to accommodate you. Give us a call today to discuss your needs.

Selfcare / Grooming and Hygiene/Bathing  HomeBound Wellness will help our clients feel      confident enough to step in and out of the shower due to some clients having fear of falling and like having the assistance. These clients are right to have this fear of falling in the bathroom ,it is the number one place to fall Slippin and slidin away. 

Self Care

A client might need help with bathing due to poor balance, transfers due to arthritic joints, undressing due to poor vision or just being deconditioned. HomeBound Wellness gives the education in safety awareness and keeping each client empowered to boost self esteem and sustain independence with self care. HomeBound Wellness offers dependable and affordable services. Let us help you! 

Please call for a free consultation today at (971) 381- 9491. 


HomeBound Wellness will get you or your loved ones out of the house for social opportunities and community engagement. We help our clients with visiting friends and family, grocery shopping, eating out, finding communities to socialize and engage in hobbies with, checking out books or audio books at the library, etc. Companionship and stimulating activities are essential to maintaining mental health and preventing/decreasing symptoms of depression. 

Some of our clients may have pet companions. HomeBound Wellness will assist with walking dog companions and other pet care. Here at HomeBound Wellness we love animal companions! Please call us at (971) 381-9491 to make your appointment today.

Light Housekeeping

HomeBound Wellness will help our clients with taking clothes to the laundry, setting the controls, and adding laundry soap or pod. Many housekeeping tasks such as laundry, vacuuming, dusting, and wiping surfaces can add up to be too much. We work with our clients to determine the safest ways to maintain their households in a safe and hygienic manner. We can help when it is necessary, but our goal is to empower you to be as capable as possible. When it comes to housework, this often means practicing energy conservation techniques so you do not become overtired and unable to finish important tasks for maintaining a safe, healthy environment. 

Medication Management

HomeBound Wellness will help you or your loved one avoid potentially harmful medication mistakes by creating a checklist to track if medications were taken at the correct time and in correct dosage. While we do not administer medication (as that is considered a medical service) we can help you improve your understanding of your medications and establish a plan to ensure you are remembering to take them when and how your doctor has prescribed. We can help clients sign up for mailed medications or pre-sorted pill packs if they would like to try these services. HomeBound Wellness will provide safe medication awareness to each client we serve. Please call HomeBound Wellness at (971) 381-9491 to schedule a safe medication review and creation of a reminder plan.

Home and Community Safety

HomeBound Wellness will help with: checking food supply, disposing of spoiled food, identifying and removing safety hazards, educating clients on scams targeting the elderly, and other important home safety services. Other useful tasks clients may need assistance with may include: returning phone calls, managing bills and utilities, transportation to healthcare appointments/pharmacy, understanding advice from doctor, checking smoke detector batteries, and a safe exit plan in case of emergency. If you or a loved one need assistance with any of these tasks, or if you have questions about a service not listed, please call HomeBound Wellness today at (971) 381-9491.